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Setting NFS server version on Solaris 11

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Solaris 11 is out and there are many changes, especially in network configurations. One of the affected service is a NFS server. You might want to use NFSv3 instead of default NFSv4. There is no such /etc/default/nfs where you could set the NFS version how a client or server should communicate. In Solaris 11 everything is manageable by SMF properties. Example shows it better:

# svcprop svc:/network/nfs/server:default|grep versm
nfs-props/server_versmax integer 4
nfs-props/server_versmin integer 2

So now, it is a piece of cake to change the max version to 3:

# svccfg -s svc:/network/nfs/server:default setprop
nfs-props/server_versmax = integer: 3
# svcadm refresh svc:/network/nfs/server:default
# svcprop svc:/network/nfs/server:default|grep versm
nfs-props/server_versmin integer 2
nfs-props/server_versmax integer 3

Mission accomplished!

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