XSCF console commands

Here are some basic XSCF console commands used on Sun hardware:

To show all domains:
XSCF> showdomainstatus -a

To display logged users:
XSCF> who

To show domain 00 status:
XSCF> showdomainstatus -d 00

To login to domain 00:
XSCF> console -d 00

To send break:
XSCF> sendbreak

To displays sensors information:
XSCF> showenvironment

To lists degraded components:
XSCF> showstatus

To reset domain 00:
XSCF> reset -d 00 <mode>

Where <mode> can be:

  • por: system reset
  • xir: CPU reset
  • panic: panic instruction

To power on/off:
XSCF> poweron [-a]
XSCF> poweroff [-a]

To logout from the XSCF console:
XSCF> exit

To return from a domain terminal:

See Sun documentation for details.

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